James Dean Tattoo

James Dean as an icon is a very enigmatic. He made four films and has endured as a super star ever since. Granted he portrayed a revolutionary symbol as a youth rebelling against the restraints of 50 mores. It was the dullest of times in our culture during the Eisenhower presidency perhaps anything to push against it would have sufficed But “Rebel Without A Cause” certainly caught the zeitgeist .Watching him wretch and twist up about his passive father and overbearing mother sometimes for me is a total over drawn character but “opinions as they say” None the less he had hit a chord and it seems to still reverberate into modern consciousness.
One of his films, GIANT, was again a super hit with Liz Taylor scorching the screen. The movie censors were rabid arbiters of good taste during the dull years. This image of James Dean was removed from the film! See second image below the tattoo.This was too much like Christ on the cross with MS Mary Magdalene at his feet! The censors ruled it too offensive to the Muslims, oh no, I meant the Christendom, sorry. so out it fell to the cutting room floor. My Client was a rabid collector of things James Dean and he had a still image of the clipped scene. We decided to do it in a heroic scale as a full back piece sans Liz. Sorry Liz, your out this time. So it lost it’s original sin of being too Christ like although in it’s time it would offend those of the sensibility that tattooing is a sacrilege. Who’s that? Well Christians of course. So we did the entire tattoo with a single needle I don’t mean with the same needle as it took neigh on 25 hour to complete, but a series of sessions done with a single .012 stainless needle grouping with a new needle each time. Painstakingly applied to capture every weave and surface change in the image. This was the early eighties so there were not too many people working realism in this scale. It went on to win a number of competitive awards at American tattoo Conventions.I Hope you enjoy it! Drop me a note le me know what you think! 164856_129266470473274_100001697642147_171966_7284229_n (1)elizabeth-taylor-james-dean-giant-set

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