Fireman Dad, saves two kids from a burning building Tattoo

I have always maintained that Tattooing is directly connected to magic and healing. It’s place in the human heart has always been as a right of passage ritual and magic to show that one has moved from one phase of one’s life to another. It has underneath a firm lock on the unconscious where it’s magic functions. I have to tell you about this particular tattoo. My experience during the process of this tattoo was to have my intuition about tattooing, and knowledge of it’s history, prove itself to have great power in changing peoples lives. If you think that is not so then let me pull on your coat about this tattoo.

The client with this fireman tattoo came in to get a smallish tattoo of his father giving resuscitation to an infant boy. We completed an image of his father just holding the baby in his arms with Fireman leather on the upper left scapula area on his back. He wanted it in a black and gray photo real style. Shortly after we completed the first tattoo he came by with a newspaper image from the, Newark Star Ledger a New Jersey newspaper, of his father handling two kids on that terrible day while on a call to a large apartment building on fire. The image as seen here in the tattoo had the eight year old on the fire escape and the infant brother in his hands and a burning building behind them. That image alone in itself was so powerful I was thrilled to have the opportunity to get started on the balance of the back piece.
 During our sessions as he became more comfortable with me and in the process, as happens many times, he began to confide in me. It was revealed that he and his father were estranged and had not spoken is six years. He lamented that his father had never met his grandchildren.
Once the tattoo was complete this client attended a tattoo convention in Pittsburg PA, there he won an award for the best black and gray back tattoo of the entire show. Shortly after winning the award he was approached by a person who claimed to run a popular fireman’s web site called “”  he asked if he could feature the heroic tattoo on this web site. My Client allowed the image to be photographed and to be used on the website. About a month later to his surprise he received a letter in the mail from his father. He was explaining that he was stunned to see this image from the newspaper article on the site and that it was a tattoo! It was shocking enough for him to see himself from that fateful day, but to realize it was permanently etched into his sons back! This was enough to move him despite the bitterness of what had happened in their relationship before to write to try to reconnect with is son. They eventually came together and the family was reunited and now the son and dad have been able to show their love for each other and the grandfather has a great relationship with his grandchildren…


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