In Progress: Dan’s Black & Gray Good vs Evil

This particular tattoo has great power for me. While it is still in process it has created a connection for me going back to my immediate family history as my Father was a municipal policeman. He went onto the force when I was just 12 years old. His personal struggle with good and evil created many moments of pride and great fear for all of us. My father was irrevocably affected by his experience with the street riots of Paterson NJ after Dr Martin Luther Kings murder, corrupt fellow officers, and the everyday struggle to maintain the law and deal with humanity despite the civil strife of the 60’s and wrestling with his own demons. When This client came to me with the concept of Good Versus Evil and the fact he was a law enforcement officer, I jumped at the opportunity to create something unique. I based the concepts in early neoclassical and mythical images and created some of my own archetypal images. His rib cage is tattooed with a version of St Michael slaying a demon with reference to Hercules from the early Greek and neoclassical sculpture done in an etching style. The chest panel is referencing Diana the huntress in modern techno armor. She wears the horns of a stag and is using her bow to slay the demon “evil”. Around the main figures and on his back is fire and collapsing buildings referencing modern day terrorists activities. I felt those were, in our times, the incarnation of evil . Still moving for ward on this one I will post the final tattoo when we complete it. Perhaps it might just keep growing either way I keep you in the loop. let me know what you think!

Dan black gray angel demon Dan black gray apocalyptic falling building Dan black gray back falling building Dan shoulder black gray arows slaying

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