24th Annual Tattoos and Blues


World Renown Tattoo Artists Great Blues Music - Tattooing Exciting Entertainment

At Flamingo Hotel

2777 4th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95404

$20 day pass - $35 weekend pass

Shotsie and Kristine will have a booth at this year's 24th Tattoos and Blues held at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa, CA.

Doors open:

Friday at Noon - Saturday & Sunday at 11am

Tickets: $20 day pass - $35 weekend pass

Shotsie is presenting his workshop "A CONVERSATION WITH SHOTSIE GORMAN"

What is this conversation?

This seminar is unlike anything you have ever experienced. During the discussion Shotsie seems to unravel the mysteries surrounding the creative life and put them back together in a manner that you can actually use in your daily life! Shotsie covers so much ground it feels like a roller coaster of thought. From Quantum physics to 2000 year old philosophical discussions. Visually a feast for the eyes the slide show is accompanied by a dialogue with the source of all creativity. You can leave this experience knowing you have a tool box or realistic new creative tools to work with in your quest for the best quality art work you have always desired to make. Tap into the 37 years of creative experience with one of the art tattoo communities legends. This is not a technical or mechanical seminar, although new creative techniques are passed over and the mechanics of the creative process revealed before your very eyes. The most often heard statement from other tattooist who have attended is: "I never thought I would experience something like this at a tattoo convention seminar!"

Tattoos and Blues Santa Rosa Workshop Testimonials:

Joshua South Areafiftyone

"...My name is Joshua South, I have been tattooing for almost 23 years and recently I attended the Eugene Oregon tattoo convention. I was really excited to find out Shotsie Gorman was having a seminar as he truly is a legend in the tattoo industry. But I had no idea what it was about, didn’t matter I was in based on his reputation alone. When I entered the room it was filling up fast but I managed to snag an empty seat. The first thing I noticed about Shotsie was his powerful presence and control of the atmosphere. He had an extremely Zen like feeling of confidence about him that made me feel comfortable and attentive to what would be coming next. As he began speaking and warming up the group with a few humorous classic stories I settled in and really started to listen. Slowly I became aware of what I was learning, and that was the creative process and how it evokes from within me. He spoke in simple words and described something almost impossible to see, creation... I mean how can you tell someone with words exactly how to find the creative spot within, focus in on it and then detail it for someone else to see? Somehow Shotsie Gorman can and I would recommend his seminar to anyone. I felt crazy amounts of energy flashing through me as he spoke, I will never forget it and if I ever get the chance I will go again Thanks for the class Shotsie! You're ability to keep a class focused, on track and organized was unparallelled by ANY other class I've attended. Your message (to me) was simple but amazingly helpful. Stop, shut up, listen, and create. It can't really be made any easier. As you said, if people spent half the energy creating what they personally love as they do copying other peoples ideas then their artwork will sell itself. Thank you for helping to break the mold, destroy the rut and push people to do what they love, not what they think they can sell."

Matteo Holmes

Dear Shotsie,  It was a real pleasure meeting up again after all these years , I wanted to drop you a line regarding the seminar you presented at the recent 'Portsmouth Tattoo Extravaganza'.  I must confess I really didn't know what to expect from your seminar so went to it with a completely open mind. From the start I found your mixture of humour, knowledge ,enthusiasm, passion in the delivery captivating. The fact that the seminar whilst being delivered to tattooists by a tattooist was not a tattoo technique or tattoo style type seminar (although these are of course valid within their own right) rather a mind opening /enlightening one left me with a renewed interest in art, tattooing , education and life in general . I honestly found the event uplifting, emotional and spiritual. I find myself now looking at life, nature and all around me with a different perspective. I look more closely at the forms of nature around me and have started sketching and photographing them for reference . I believe that everyone who attended the seminar will have found it thought provoking and extremely positive. I would truly urge others to attend this seminar and see what they attain from it. My final words are go to this seminar then 'get EXCITED get INVENTIVE get CREATIVE !

Lal HArdy London England

Come one Come all "Turn off your f-ing cell phones, and uncross your arms and legs" ....and get ready to stretch your creative brain. Shotsie Gorman's seminar is about finding inspiration in everything around you, not just everything that has been done before you. He teaches you ways to unstick your brain, and be brave enough to think, and create, outside the proverbial tattoo box. Complete with awesome personal stories, and relevant examples that push the boundaries of the status quo, this seminar is a must for anyone who may find themselves in a creative rut, doing the same old stuff, and needs a kick in the pants. Plus, you get tattoo history, and stories, from a living legend. How cool is that? I highly recommend this seminar. It was well worth the time. Thank you Mr. Shotsie!


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