Tattoo Portrait of Epicurus by Shotsie

Epicurus (341–270 B.C.) founded one of the major philosophies of ancient Greece, helping to lay the intellectual foundations for modern science and for secular individualism. Many aspects of his thought are still highly relevant some twenty-three centuries after they were first taught in his school in Athens, called “the Garden.”…

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Kristine Gorman’s Intuitive Art !

Kristine Gorman is not only an extreme intuitive with her Tarot Deck, but she wields a paint brush with the same intensity. Kristine has been painting in oils since her teens. She has managed to create art forms often using natural elements like Koi fish to express deep mystical, spiritual…

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What is a TARA? “Tara Tattoo” interpreted by Shotsie

WHAT IS TARA? Tara, Tibetan Sgrol-ma,  Buddhist saviour-goddess with numerous forms, widely popular in Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia. She is the feminine counterpart of the bodhisattva (“Buddha-to-be”). According to popular belief, she came into existence from a tear of Avalokiteshvara, which fell to the ground and formed a lake. Out of its…

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