Shotsie Gorman

Shotsie started tattooing in the late 70’s NYC, where tattooing was illegal. Tattooists had to work underground and one could be arrested & spend a year in jail if found tattooing.

Shotsie Gorman Has been living his life out loud for 68 years!
A published, performing Poet, story teller, painter, sculptor and 41year professional Tattooist.

shotsie gorman tatoo poet artist sonoma ca Shotsie was one of the new age of an early group of tattooers coming in from fine arts traditions. Breaking the rules and modes of tattooing from the old school. He quickly rose to a position of tattoo diplomat appearing on innumerable television talk shows and news programs around the US. Promoting the art form of tattooing to a new level of respect within American popular culture… Shotsie has amassed 36 years of research and experience. He was the co-founder of the Alliance of professional tattooists.

Aesthetically Shotsie broke new ground in tattoo by doing heroic proportioned black and gray portraits. Shotsie has been acknowledged by his peers as one of the tattoo artists that changed the course of tattoo history that led to it’s popularity and profusion today.
Shotsie published an wward winning glossy magazine “Tattoo Advocate Journal “ exploring socially unusual for their time subjects like: Malcolm X tattoos, women’s rights in the arts, and Radical feminist Gorilla girls.
Shotsie is now an active member of the literary community in the North Bay. Formerly a “Jersey Guy ” he now resides in Sonoma, CA where he and his wife Kristine Gorman, have formed a new generation of tattoo business: the “Tarot, Art & Tattoo Studio.”

Serving as a center for literary arts, tarot education, creative tattoo work, and continuing education for tattooists as well as an art gallery for local and national artists.
Shotsie is available for poetry seminars and performances.  He lectures on the art and history of tattooing and currently does a one hour power point seminar on “Unblocking your creativity” titled: “A CONVERSATION WITH SHOTSIE GORMAN.”

Shotsie is taking on clients at his new Gallery /studio to arrange a consultation.

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