Authentic- Empathic- Creative power

Our mission in for the “ Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery” is to allow as much authentic, creative and healing energy as possible to flow through. We want to be as eclectic as we can. There will be Fine art exhibits of local and national artists visual artists. International and well known national tattoo artists doing guest appearances and seminars for professional tattooists.
tarot Art Tattoo building front sonoma hwy 12Ongoing intuitive and healing Tarot card readings, as well as Tarot related workshops of all shapes and forms including creating tarot jewelry, learning the source of intuition for card reading and seminars and workshops by the outstanding members of the Tarot scholar community. Daily offerings of empathic tarot card readings with appointments by The Visionary Woman Kristine Gorman.

Shotsie Gorman will be taking on new clients and appointments for creative healing tattooing. In addition we will be having literary events and writing seminars.

The Tarot Art & Tattoo Gallery is aspiring to be a house of creative power and encompasses the creative power of this community.

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